We make a great bagel.

Hi, we’re Mike and AJ. Before we became proud residents of Denver, we grew up making bagels with our Dad in New Jersey. Bagels are a big deal in Jersey, and we’ve carried that tradition with us to our new home in North Carolina.

We feel very fortunate to share our bagels with the community each day. For us, nothing beats doing what we do best and putting our experience to work—except the many friendly faces that visit our store each day. Our neighborhood and its people are at the heart of what we do, and we look forward to welcoming you into the My Brothers Bagel family.

Quality bagels. Quality experience.

Life can be hectic. At My Brothers Bagel, we’ve created a place where you can come for a great bagel, but also community. Whether you have a few hours or just a few minutes to spend with us, we’ll have a smile and a “how’s your day?” ready for you. It won’t be long until you pull up to our store and see us preparing your favorite order before you even walk through the doors.

We do things a little differently at My Brothers Bagel. There are no cashiers—instead, the same team member takes care of you from start to finish. We believe in creating true connection with our customers and providing not just a delicious bagel, but an unforgettable experience.

Handmade makes all the difference

All of our bagels are 100% hand-rolled. No machines, just skilled artisans crafting your bagel like it’s meant to be made. You can see (and taste!) the difference in the final product. No two bagels look quite the same, because they’re unique creations. We like to say our bagels have character, and we take pride in that. Doing things “old school” gives our bagels a delicious simplicity that can’t be beat.

Curious about how we make our bagels? You can watch us in action when you visit us! We make our bagels out in the open so our customers can see what goes into it.


Ready to get your bagel on?